12 November 2012

10 November 2012

PNF now on VIMEO

PNF is now on video host site VIMEO. It's the highest online quality available for PNF films, so the next time you want to watch at your computer or on your mobile device visit PNF on VIMEO.

11 September 2012

Previously from PNF - Liberation

Roger Ebert called it a "15 minute delve into the metaphysical abyss called humanity." We promptly told him to go fuck himself. Liberation was released in 2008 and is still ripping out the souls of young children who accidentally watch it on YouTube.

Liberation on Pinkbike

10 September 2012

It is no secret that the much hyped 2009 PNF release just didn't happen. Part of the reason was that we got busted by the government for posing as a non-profit and evading taxes in the process. But the other reason was that we were just building up a lot of awesome fucking content. Today's news is that after a 3 year hiatus, PNF is back at it and working on a new project with filming already underway. Intrigued? I'll bet you are you galdarnsonofagun. Here's a picture of our PNF Dictator creeping on the Olson twins at the relaunch of PNF & Radical Pictures.

09 June 2009

Coup de Giver now available online


Coup de Giver can now be accessed online. Click the Coup de Giver link on the right side of this page under the "film links" section to view it.

The original teaser for the film has been embedded here. The teaser was made when the movie was still going by the working title of "One More Shotgun."


08 June 2009


PNF hats and T-shirts are available for purchase at outrageous rates but they're worth it. Email wheresmyguru@yahoo.ca and get some.


PNF website launched

In recognition of the revival of Purple Nuts Films and the upcoming production of its new film, the PNF website is up and running. If you are reading this but didn't already know that then you must be an Adam Murray.

This summer PNF will once again team up with Radical Pictures and produce another short film to be released late 2009.

Ben Kolisnyk, dictator of PNF, has put out a call for script submissions, even though he will certainly use his own ideas.

PNF is also looking for beautiful and gorgeous actors/actresses to appear in the upcoming film. If you are interested or know someone that might be please reply to this post or email benkolisnyk@hotmail.com.